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Posted By Jason Clarke on 01/09/20 - Bookmark Take 58% off with our Pure TS discount

It is fun all around people making jokes about how dynamical women are and that they are never easy to understand. Well, it might be challenging to prove this since there is no correlating standard measure on this, after all. However, still, despite their so-called dynamic nature, there are few facts they have in stock that we can prove, and all men should be aware of. Let’s see what these are.

Women are equally sex agile

Science has once again proved it. The 19th-century women think of sex more often (after every 7 seconds passing). All-along, it’s been stereotypical that men think of sex more often than women. Maybe its because they related close with more sexual elements like sex dolls or are the significant pro-actors when it comes to sex play. However, according to the linked report, this is never the exact situation.

Sasha, she’s ever horny

Another survey conducted on the fertility App Kindara indicates how women would want more sex but they don’t get it. 53% of the respondents confessed that they do not have enough of sex as much as they would love to. About three-quarters of them suggested that they preferred at least sex three times per week.

Female has high sexual fluidity

Sexual fluidity is a more recent term referring to constant shifts in sexuality dictated by the surrounding situations. A more elegant way to explain this is to mention lesbianism or gays. Those involved in either of these have the high sexual fluidity we are talking about.

According to a 2015 study report published on Personality and Social Psychology journal, women were similarly turned on either by men or women. However much it was, a non-generalizable study, it still echoed that which tried explaining why it was so. The explanation said it was a mechanism for them to upkeep with the conflicts and tension associated with polygamy.

Hence, these days, it will not be strange to find a woman with a male sex doll, which she uses to quest her sexual thirst. That is those who have no real human partners.

Viola has them, the big tits for you to suck

Women can accommodate any penis size

Don’t let the size of your penis bother you. All women can accommodate at least all penis sizes, big or small. Upon sexual provocation in women, what happens in their vagina is muscle relaxation, which leads to its high elasticity. Now with the lubrication, penetration for even the most gigantic penis size is quite possible.

Generally, according to most of the women forums, the medium-sized penis is the best. Extreme cases rarely please any of them. On the other hand, a particular group of them claim, it is not the size that matters but how you as a man use it.

Missionary sex positions relieve women from backpain

Is your woman often suffering back pains? Worry not, readily natural therapy to give her is missionary sex positions. There are a variety of styles involved in this; hence you should find out which ones work perfectly for both of you. Sex with a pillow on her back is one most of them. This is actually highly suggested by Waterloo University that they did on a study on American adults, this position helps give her back quality support during sex play.

Issues of back pain are quite common, and not only do they affect women alone but men as well. However, now you know the best trick for it. Let your woman not enjoy sex because of back pains.

Main orgasm spots

All men feel proud when they make a woman cum. Unfortunately, it is not many men who know how to make a woman reach her orgasm fast or effectively. Now, if you belong to this group, here is a free practical tip. Focus on her main orgasm spots. These are mainly two, her G-spot and her clitoris. These two are like are in the same position only that the clitoris is on the outside while G-spot on the inside.

If you are not yet a pro in this, get one of the many blonde sex dolls and get on with your training.

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